Strength. We use quality steel. Working with a screwdriver, the caps of our self-tapping screws do not unscrew Sharp tip - the world standard for this type of self-tapping screw
Oxidized coating. Made with our own eco-friendly method, no acids or phosphates, it provides rust protection and a sustainable production Coarse thread. Coarse thread cut right to the tip
Hat. Clearly knocked-out spider provides secure attachment to PH 2 bit
4,2х76 mm. 3,5х51 mm. 3,5х41 mm.

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Our company has firmly taken its place in the market of fasteners and the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, every day satisfying the needs of hundreds of customers, we carry out wholesale supplies of fasteners and accessories for power tools to wholesale and retail outlets.



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Technological process

Self-tapping screws creation process begins with wire, we use only high-quality wire from Russian manufacturers from special alloys that correspond to the production strength indicators. The production of self-tapping screws is a very complex technological process that requires high productivity of our work and good quality of raw materials, therefore the company has a calibration section where the wire is subjected to special machining on high-precision equipment for its ideal geometry.

After high-precision calibration, the wire goes to the cold heading section where the head for the bit is formed according to the PH2 standard, and the unique ROSCORP company marking is also added - numbers "1" and "9". This marker, if necessary, allows you to distinguish our products from other suppliers.

At this stage, the final appearance of the self-tapping screw is formed, namely, the thread and the tip are formed.

One of the most important stages in the production of screws is carburizing. This process differs from the classical hardening, after which the product is too fragile. During carburizing, the product is subjected to prolonged heat treatment in several temperature zones and at the same time, due to a special gas environment, the surface layer is saturated with carbon, which further increases its strength, while the core retains sufficient elasticity so that the self-tapping screw can withstand a one-time deformation by bending at an angle 90° and did not break.