The largest supplier in the market of fasteners and accessories for power tools in Khakassia and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Ros-corp has launched its own production of black self-tapping screws for wood. It is one of the most popular fasteners for construction, renovation, wood products and furniture. Our activity is aimed at import substitution, which for our customers means a price independent of fluctuations in the exchange rate. Order black self-tapping screws for wood with a large pitch at the lowest price - just call us or leave a request for a call back, let us know your wishes on packaging and order volume. We produce the following sizes: 3,5х25; 3,5х32; 3,5х35; 3,5х41; 3,5х45; 3,5х51; 3,5х55; 3,8х64; 4,2х70; 4,2х76; 4,2х89.

Our advantages:

  • Own production, high technological level, quality control at all stages.
  • Product quality. You can order samples of products from us and evaluate their quality yourself, because it's free!
  • Competitive price, not affected by currency fluctuations. Flexible pricing policy. Working with the plant, you can negotiate the best conditions without unnecessary intermediaries.
  • Convenient packing of fasteners of the same format; all products have an article and barcode.
  • Any form of shipment and delivery. Free weekly delivery to the address of the transport company or outlet in the region; Dedicated Sales Representative; Possibility of pickup from a warehouse in Abakan).
  • We ship all over Russia. Sending to anywhere in the country is not a problem at all, we will deliver the goods free of charge to the transport company of your choice, which has a representative office in the city of Abakan, for example: PEK, Energy, Business Lines, Baikal-Service ...
  • Any forms of payment (with a deferred payment; cash and bank transfer with VAT, prompt invoicing based on availability).
  • A reliable partner. The production of self-tapping screws is not the only activity of the company. Ros-korp is the largest supplier of fasteners and accessories for power tools in the region with an impeccable business reputation.
  • Social responsibility of business. Cooperation with a company that regularly supports charitable activities in the region.

Production stages:

The production process of self-tapping screws begins with wire, we use only high-quality wire from Russian manufacturers from a special alloy, the products of which correspond to high strength indicators. The production of self-tapping screws is a technologically very complex process that requires high geometric accuracy of the raw material, therefore, in our company there is a calibration section where the wire is subjected to additional machining on high-precision machines to give it the ideal geometry.

After high-precision calibration, the wire goes to the cold heading section where the head for the bit is formed according to the PH2 standard, and the unique ROSCORP company marking is also added - numbers "1" and "9". This marker, if necessary, allows you to accurately distinguish our products from other suppliers.

At this stage, the final appearance of the self-tapping screw is formed, namely, the thread and the tip are formed.

One of the most important stages in the production of wood screws is carburizing. This process differs from the classical hardening, after which the product is too fragile. During carburizing, the product undergoes prolonged heat treatment in several temperature zones and at the same time, due to a special gas environment, the surface layer is saturated with carbon, which further increases its strength, while the core retains sufficient elasticity so that the self-tapping screw can withstand a one-time deformation by bending at an angle 90 ° and did not break.